Wrapped Up!

Wrapped Up!

My youngest daughter (who is a crafter after my own heart) has a birthday party to attend this coming weekend. She already has her friend’s gift & wanted to wrap it.  Knowing I don’t have much variety of wrapping paper other than for Christmas, I mentioned that she could make some custom paper using some of my stamps if she’d like to. No way! “I don’t want to go to that much trouble.” She looked at what we have, but was rather unimpressed with our options! (Shocking!)  “Well, can I look through your stamps?”  said she.  Of course!


After searching through my many stamps, she settled on Treats of Friendship & the retired Ice Cream Dream.  She chose several of her favorite colors of Exclusive Inks,  & stamped randomly all over the package which she had already wrapped up in some plain old packing paper we had saved for such an occasion.  I had to snap a few quick pics to share with you…just in case you never thought of using your My Acrylix to make your own wrapping paper!  I think she did  a great job!


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