Share the Joy

Share the Joy

Share the Joy

Give a little joy to the people in your life with the Share the Joy special! Share the Joy features two exclusive My Acrylix® stamp sets and one set of exclusive Thin Cuts metal dies. Create meaningful cards straight from your heart, or document precious moments in a one-of-a-kind scrapbook layout with the exclusive items in Share the Joy.

You can purchase each item separately at full price, or you can purchase the stamp set bundle at a 20% discount. You can even save 30% when you purchase the bundle including both stamp sets and the Thin Cuts metal dies!

Click HERE for more details on my website.


Seasonal Expression 2 is Here

Seasonal Expression 2 is Here

Check out the newest CTMH Idea Book:  Seasonal expression 2 is here!

product image

It is time for a new Idea Book, and you can add one to your cart for FREE when you place an order on my website.  You may also click here to see a PDF of the newest catalog.

There are some really great specials continuing this month (click here for more info on the Current Specials) and the National Scrapbooking Suite, The World Is Yours, is really fun as well.  Here is a pic of the paper pack and coordinating stamp set.

There are a lot of versatile new paper packs and stamp sets as well as new Worksohp Kits.  The Sweet Girl paper collection is featured this month. Here is a LO from the Scrapbooking WYW kit:

product image

And here are the cards that can be made from the Cardmaking WYW, Grateful for You

The paper looks great with the current SOTM,Stamps

May 2019: To My Bestie

Item Number: S1905

Let me know if you would like more information on anything in the new Seasonal Expressions or if you are interested in hosting a workshop this month.


Happy Crafting!  Beth Clark

Spring Card and Crop

Spring Card and Crop

Hello Friends!

March is finally here bringing a new SOTM and a new Special.  (Click here for info about the SOTM and click here for info about the current specials.  Even though I am looking at snow outside my window, we really are one step closer to leaving winter behind. In the spirit of anticipating spring, I want to let you know of a Crop where I will not only be crafting, but will also be having a CTMH booth.

It is coming on Saturday, April 27, 2019 9:00 AM- 8:30PM. For an extra treat register by March 15th; and registration includes: one 6 foot table from 9AM-8:30PM on April 27th at Lewis Creek Baptist Church, 1400 E. 600 S. Waldron, IN 46182. Chili for Lunch and a Baked Potato Bar for supper and much more.

$30.00 registration fee due by April 20th. All proceeds go to the LCBC building fund.

For questions or directions call Vicki Pits (Building Fund Raising Commitee) at 812- 343-1355, or email or on Facebook. She can email you the registration form.

I look forward to this day to craft & meet some new crafting friends. I hope some of you can join me.

Latest Specials, Clearance, and Shared Blog Post

Latest Specials, Clearance, and Shared Blog Post

Hello Crafters!  Besides reminding you to check out the latest specials on my website, I want to remind you that there is a new Idea Book featuring lots of new products.  There are also some nice deals on retired items in both the Clearance section and the Going Soon section.

I also want think that the latest post on the CTMH blog is too good not to share…

“Each Close To My Heart Cricut® collection has hundreds of shapes that you can adapt for any project…, and today we have another tutorial to expand your creative options with your Cricut®images by changing images from cut to DRAW. This allows you to use the same fonts and shapes to draw a title, journaling, or a background!


Switching an image from cut to draw in Design Space is very simple. You just click on your shape and change Cut to Draw in the Edit bar above your canvas. Today we are going to walk you through how to make the multicolor triangle background that you see in the page above by using the tools in Design Space to draw, rather than cut, this design.

Keep in mind, to use the same image we did, you must own the You Are Here Cricut® collection. You will also need a Cricut® machine that is Design Space compatible (any of the Explore or the new Maker machines) and allows you to draw with pens. The steps below show you how to work in Design Space from a desktop or laptop computer….

1. Sign in to Cricut Design Space™ at

Log in with your Cricut ID and password, and then select the green New Project button in the top right corner.

2. Insert and resize a basic square shape. Then color the square.


To make the base for the design, you will first insert a square by clicking on Shapes on the left side of your screen. Then add a square to your canvas. You can easily resize this square to 11 by adjusting the width. Make sure to leave the lock icon locked so that the height automatically resizes when you change the width.

In the Edit bar, next to Linetype, select the colored square and change the material color to white. We decided to work with white since we know we’re going to use White Daisy cardstock as the base for the design, and it makes the pattern easier to see as you build it on your canvas.

3. Insert and ungroup the triangle flag. Then delete the extra shape.


The background uses a triangle flag shape from the You Are Here collection. Click Images to add new image to the canvas. Search for the image using #M282C66F and add it to your canvas. Then click on the flag and select UnGroup in the Layers panel on the right. Once you have separated the shape into two images, you can delete the purple flag. We’re only going to use the triangle shape.

4. Resize, duplicate, and flip the triangle.


Resize both the width and height of the triangle to 1. Make sure to unlock the image size so that Design Space lets you modify both. Just click on the lock above the measurements. Then select the triangle and then click Duplicate in the Layers panel. To flip the shape, select the second triangle, and under Flip in the Edit bar, select Flip Vertically.

5. Arrange and group both triangles together.

Now that you have two triangles. Line them up vertically, with a small space in between. Then click the first triangle, hold down the shift key on your keyboard, and click the second triangle. Then select Group in the Layers panel.

 6. Duplicate the triangles and arrange in a row, centering horizontally.


Duplicate the grouped triangles five times and arrange them in a row. You can center these shapes by first selecting all five set of triangles. Just like in step 6, you can do this by holding down the shift key on your keyboard. Then select Center Horizontally under Align in the Edit bar.

7. Duplicate the triangle row eight times.


When you have one row of triangles, duplicate the row and arrange as shown above. You’ll need eight rows, with a small amount of space in between each one.

8. Even out the top and bottom rows of triangles.


Once you have your rows arranged, you might notice that part of the design isn’t going to fit on the white square. To fix this, you’ll use the UnGroup button in the Layers panel to separate the bottom set of triangles, and move the last triangle from the bottom of the design to the top. This will give you straight edges along the top and bottom, just like you see in the screenshot above.

9. Change cut to draw and add pen color.

With your first set of triangles ready to go, you can now change the Linetype in the Edit bar from Cut to Draw. Then click on the box next to Draw. This is where you can choose the pen size and color.

We used the Cricut® Sorbet fine point pen set for this project. The pen color for the triangles in the first two rows is Cactus Pink. The third row is Adobe. The fourth row is Yellow. The fifth and sixth rows are Light Green, and the seventh and eighth are Light Turquoise. We’ve found that it’s easiest to use Cricut® pens since they are designed to work especially with their machines.

10. Group nine rows of colored triangles together and duplicate.


To make the remaining half of the background, all you have to do now is click and drag your cursor over the rows. Then group the rows together and duplicate. Just move this new group of triangles next to the first one, keeping them evenly spaced.

11. Group all rows of colored triangles together. Then align and attach to the white square.

Make sure to group all the triangles together, and then select both the grouped triangles and the white square. Under Align, click Center. This will center the triangles on the square. Then select Attach at the bottom of the Layers panel. This ensures the shapes will draw exactly as you’ve arranged them on the square.

12. Cut AND draw your project!

When you’re ready to draw the design and cut the White Daisy cardstock, click the green MakeIt button in the top right corner and follow the prompts. You’ll need to load the correct pen color in Clamp A of your machine. Design Space will tell you which pen to use first, and then as your machine draws the design, it will prompt you to switch to the next color. When you’re done, you’ll have a bright multicolor background for your page.


Changing your Close To My Heart shapes from cut to draw will give your scrapbook pages a different look and feel then using cut shapes…Take some time to try this out with your favorite Close To My Heart Cricut® collections. The possibilities are endless!”

Click here to read the whole Make It From Your Heart blog post and see the recipe for the artwork.

Happy Crafting, Beth Clark

DIY Dècor for a New Year!

DIY Dècor for a New Year!


National Papercrafting Month: Frame It Up

Create your own beautiful, papercrafted dècor with this month’s exclusive Magnolia Frame Kit. Get a 30% discount when you buy 3 or more, or earn one FREE when you sign up or host a qualifying party!

Get your frame kit »


Celebrate 35 Years of Creativity

2019 marks 35 years since Close To My Heart Founder & CEO Jeanette Lynton first started selling stamps, and we have big plans for celebrating all year long! We’re kicking off the celebrations with special 35% savings on our alphabet My Acrylix® stamp sets »

January Stamp of the Month: Card Captions

Available this month only, January’s Stamp of the Month can be yours for just $5 when you place an order of $50 or more. See the whole stamp set »

Make Your Heart Happy
Get ready for Valentine’s Day with the lovely Heart Happy paper collection, complete with exclusive paper packet, sticker sheet, stamp set, and workshop bundles! See more »
Jump for Joy, November 2018 SOTM, & MORE

Jump for Joy, November 2018 SOTM, & MORE


Jump for Joy

Jump for Joy

November 2018

When a November party total reaches at least the third level of Hostess Rewards, then the rewards will “jump” to the next level! So if a party reaches the third level, the hostess will get fourth level rewards! Review the information below for more details.


November Stamp of the Month: Seasonal TreesCreate lovely stamped accents for all seasons of the years with the November Stamp of the Month, Seasonal Trees. Available this month only, this set can be yours for just  $5 when you place an order of $50  or more. See the whole stamp set »




Finally, Check out our new subscription service in this video. See how easy – but beautiful – these layouts are!


October 2018 Newsletter

October 2018 Newsletter

Make the Holidays Sparkle!

Holiday Sparkle

Make 12 festive shaker cards with the easy-to-assemble Holiday Sparkle Cut Above® card kit! Available this month only, find out how you can save up to 20% on this kit or how you can get one free! »


Pick a Peck of Hello Pumpkin

Preserve the fun and whimsy of Halloween with the light-hearted designs of the Hello Pumpkin collection! Get a closer look at these papers »

October  2018 Stamp of the Month: Thanks & Giving

Perfect for expressions of gratitude and togetherness, the October Stamp of the Month, Thanks & Giving can be yours for just $5 when you place an order of $50 or more. See the whole stamp set »


Counting Down the Days

Make this delightful papercrafted advent calendar using our newest digital Cricut® collection, Season of Joy. We’ve created instructions and a Design Space file to make it even easier on you. Get the supplies you’ll need »